InversAI is bringing deep technical know-how at the intersection of AI/ML and Robotics

to introduce innovation in automating task acquisition and imbuing collaborative robots (cobots) with intelligence so that they may handle more intricate tasks involving pick, inspect, and place. Our first target vertical is cobot-based solutions for the produce processing industry.


Transformative societal impact

Robotic automation assures product quality, sustained productivity, and upskilled workers as demand rises. Collaborative robots empower manufacturers and processors to flexibly manage their labor through cycles of peak and off-season workloads.


We are powering safe (no-fence), off-the-shelf, robotic manipulators with deep computer vision and Cloud-based learning to achieve automation at scale.

Third Wave AI


20+ Years in AI

Our team includes a renowned and long-standing researcher in AI and Robotics, software engineers and entrepreneurs, backed with talent from a major R1 University, all with a passion to integrate technology, and to make a positive impact on businesses.

April 2024

On-Site R&D Trials

Should our environments adapt to robots or should robots adapt to our environments? InversAI thinks it should be the latter. InversAI is trialing robotic manipulators with AI-based vision on existing conveyor systems at A&M Farms in Georgia for sorting Vidalia onions. 

December 2023

US Farms Make an Urgent Push into AI

InversAI is proudly working hard to be a part of the solution to the growing problem mentioned in this BBC article, which will help keep produce on the shelves and food in our plates. 

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December 2023

NSF Phase 1 Funding

Our CoboLT Whitepaper

CoboLT is an AI pipeline that analyzes expert behavior, including reward structures and decision-making preferences. It allows robots to learn and potentially anticipate future behaviors, paving the way for real-time performance evaluation.

October 2023

On-Site R&D Trials

InversAI partners with two of the largest farms in the Vidalia region to soon launch on-site R&D trials of PrecisionSort. Contact us if you are interested in letting us use your space for R&D and data collection. Help us help you!

January 2023

NSF Phase 1 Funding

       Federal (non-dilutive) Funding

InversAI is proud to announce Phase I (seed) funding from the National Science Foundation STTR program for deep R&D to commercialize it's products.

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July 2022

Public Tech Demo in Vidalia

In July 2022, InversAI held a successful public technology demonstration of PrecisionSort at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center in the Vidalia region of GA. It was well attended by farm owners, packing shed operators, onion agents and consultants who offered valuable feedback on improving the tech.

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